Special Systems

The various industries Associated Pacific Machine operates within causes diversity among the machines in which the company specializes in. Because APMC knows that no two projects are alike, they adhere to customer’s specific needs by providing special systems machines that allocate needs from the level of production output to the intricacies of various product requirements.

With two axis control, a majority of the special system machines save material, reduce labor, increase productivity, extend die life, and assure the quality of cuts. These machines can drastically reduce the amount of manual labor with systems that automatically feed the machine which is computer automated and then automatically knockout and stack cut parts. The die cutting machines offered through Associated Pacific Machine range from a number of tonnages and bed sizes to suit our customer’s specifications. The special systems of die cutting machines range in tonnage from 25 tons to 400 tons and respectively range in bed sizes from (20″-55″)D x (20″-98″)W. Other special system machines allow extreme ranges of material to be cut from kiss cutting jig saw puzzles and envelopes, to cutting ground steel plates and carpet tile.

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