Die Cutting

Associated Pacific Machine provides solutions for customers throughout various industries with manufacturing needs for numerous applications. Whether customers require maximum output of finished goods or special production of projects with intricate designs, APMC will accommodate to customer’s requirements in order to find the optimal solution for their future endeavors. APMC carries many types of press systems necessary for our customers to meet all of their manufacturing and production requirements.
The Die Cutting technology that APMC provides its customers has proven to be top of the line throughout every series of machinery. With the Swing Arm Clicker Presses leading the way in industry popularity, die cutting machinery has evolved into various press systems for even more applications in a myriad of industries. The diversity of machinery within die cutting allows for a great range of tonnage, cutting stroke, and machine bed sizes for the various types of machinery. The tonnage for die cutting machines ranges from 25 tons to 400 tons on some specialized machines, the cutting stroke ranges from 3.9” to 9.8”, and the bed sizes range anywhere from 15”x31” to 79″ x 118″