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Cut to Print for the Graphics Industry

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. offers multiple machines (both die cutting and CNC) for cut-to-print applications in the graphics industry.  Our newest machine with cut-to-print capability is the Protek Unico TT – using the onboard camera and a CNC knife or router, the Unico TT can cut even very sophisticated custom shapes from a wide range of materials.  Here’s a quick look at the machine in action:

Learn more about the machine here: https://apmcorp.com/product/unico-tt/

Contact APMC for more information.

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Just Shipped! Full Head Die Cutting Press for Thermoforming.

While many thermoforming machines have the ability to trim cut parts after molding, not all do.  When these tall parts need to be trimmed, an off the shelf die cutter might not work.  In this particular case, our customer’s layup was almost 10″ tall and needed the corresponding daylight to fit everything into the cutting area.  If you’re looking for a die cutting press for cutting thermoformed parts, please fill out our Contact APMC form and we will be in touch with the current machine options we have available.

Check out a quick demo of the machine in action:

Side view of posts for 10" daylight full head hydraulic press for thermoforming.

Custom posts for higher daylight.

10" daylight full head hydraulic press for thermoforming packaged and ready for pickup.

10″ daylight full head hydraulic press for thermoforming packaged and ready for pickup.

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APMC attends GFA Expo 2024


Bob and Helen were at the recent Gasket Fabricators Association Gasketing/Converting Expo in Orlando Florida.  It was great to see both old and new faces!  Along with the meetings and seminars, APMC had a booth at the Wednesday exhibition.  The most popular machine discussed, with a lot of very positive feedback, was the robust and powerful Unico TT: https://apmcorp.com/product/unico-tt-gaskets/

We’re looking forward to the next Expo!

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Tribute to Michael Mahnen­smith


It’s with great sadness that we post a longtime friend of Associated Pacific Machine Corp., Michael Mahnen­smith, has passed in the Lahaina wildfire.  Michael was known by customers around the world for hand-making leather sandals with a design used 3000 years ago.  His philosophy was that our feet are our connection to the Earth, and your footwear should mold itself to both yourself and the ground you walk on.  The time-tested design of his sandals allowed just that.

The Wax family has had the pleasure of visiting Michael’s shop in Lahaina on numerous occasions.  Michael was always full of stories from his travels, and was passionate about finding ecological solutions to problems faced by both residents of Hawaii and citizens of the world.  He will be missed.


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25 Ton Automated High Speed Cutting Machine

HSC-25 Automated High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine
with Automatic Feeding, Slug Collection, Cut Parts Registration and Knock Out, and Waste Web Rewind



APMC is proud to present a new HSC-25 machine for the medical industry. This machine is designed to cut breathing filters for the medical industry. Read more

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100 Ton Full Head Cutting System for Scouring Pads

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is introducing a new cutting system for profiled scouring pads, the ABC-100 Automatic Press. This provides fully automatic operation from sheet material auto feeding, guiding before cutting to ensure the material is in the correct position, and then a conveyor belt to output the sheet. Read more

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100 Ton Full Head Automotive Carpet Cutting System

      Automatic balance full head cutting machine with pinch roll feeding system for automobile fabric/carpet cutting.

100 Ton Full Head Automotive Carpet Cutting System-pic1


Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is introducing a new cutting system for the automotive industry, the ABC-100 fixed head cutting system. It has fully automatic operation with pinch roller feeding from material unwind and through to the outboard side. Read more