What our Clients have said

Thank you to all of our clients. Please read some of their kind words through testimonials below and learn about our mission.

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Louis Vuitton

“I will like to thank Suren for doing a great job. He got the two machines back online after they were sitting idle for months. His hard work paid dividends. He was highly professional and knowledgeable. We appreciate his work and look forward to continuing to work with him. Again thanks.”

Testimonial by Cruz Lozoya
Louis Vuitton
Associated Pacific Machine Corp Testimonials

“I wanted to express my sincere thanks to you for the help in getting the press up and running.”

Testimonial by Stan Wuertzer
Cascade Designs
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Esterline CMC Electronics

“On behalf of CMC Electronics, I would like to sincerely congratulate APM for its outstanding partnership in helping us to perform the upgrade of the APM Clicker in a way to reach CSA certification. I must say that APM support was decisive in helping us to meet local requirements and production performance. You may count on us for future business. On behalf of the CMC Electronics management and staff, I wish you all the best in your future projects.”

Testimonial by Antonio Alves M. Ing
CMC Electronics
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Douglass Interior Products

“We have received our new machine, and I would like to thank you for the packaging and time efficiency. Can’t wait to get this bad boy fired up.”

Testimonial by Andre Brown
Douglas Interior Products
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Flint Trading Inc.

“The start-up went great, and the press is running fine. It cuts through the two sheets of hard material with no problem, and the edges are very clean. The 200 ton is just what we needed.”

Testimonial by Rob Mantek
Flint Trading Inc.
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Hog Liners

“Please accept my deep gratitude for helping Hog Liners achieve a very important milestone. You assisted us with technical expertise and equipment rental that helped us meet a critical deadline. We received expert guidance with locating a vendor for our die-cutting materials and ultimately arranged for the rental of a machine to do our die-cutting. Very well done, and many thanks.”

Testimonial by Chet Galland
Hog Liners
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Interstate

“Thank you for sending Suren to us. He did a terrific job and I am very happy with the results.”

Testimonial by Ricardo Wilkowski
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with Bay Rubber Company

“I wanted to thank you for prodding me to purchase the cutting system. I had been looking at several different systems over the past three years, and this was the first system to offer all the capabilities I was looking for. We knew the system would increase our ability to react to customers and would cut down on our material usage. That’s only the beginning of what this system has done for us. We have had several sales opportunities where customers have come in needing a non-standard gasket or seal in a hurry, and as they are describing it to me, I’ve been able to draw it on the screen and cut it before the customer leaves. Or when a customer brought in a complicated oval gasket with 50 holes spread out in an odd pattern. In the past, we would have to produce a drawing and send it off to the die maker for a quote, then wait several days for the tooling. We finished the drawing and cut the part exactly to the pattern, saving the customer both time and money, with spot-on accuracy. Our die costs are almost non-existent. This machine is literally another shop person with none of the headaches. Our yields have gone up on every job we produce. The price to the customer stayed the same, while our cost dropped like a rock. With savings like this, the system will pay for itself in 1 ½ year or less. I can see another system in our future, possibly something even bigger. Thank you again for being so persistent.”

Testimonial by Tom Mac Kenzie
Bay Rubber Company
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with Flextech

“We were faced with a die-cutting challenge on a multi-layered part made up of foam fabric and plastic. Although we had worked a way of cutting our product using the equipment we had in-house, the results were less than desirable, and we were wearing out tools as we were using a hard-anvil process. The product reached the point where we needed dedicated equipment, so we turned to Associated Pacific to help us with selecting the proper equipment for the job. We sent them samples of the material we were cutting, and they were able to work with the material to determine the best method. The professionals at AP determined that we could cut the material using a soft-anvil process which was efficient and effective. AP was able to steer us in the right direction and get us matched up with the right equipment.”

Testimonial by Willie Monteiro
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with M & F Western Products, Inc.

“Thanks for taking to time to talk. It is always a pleasure to talk and email with everyone at Associated Pacific. For the last 15 years, every experience I have had has been wonderful. Please pass along my continued thanks for such professionalism. Looking forward to another 15 years.”

Testimonial by Cris Green
Western Products, Inc.
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with SGL Group

“Please thank everyone for us here at SGL.Roen, we left in a hurry after Lunch, so I did not have a chance to let you know that your training was excellent and thank you personally.”

Testimonial by Eckehard Fuhrmann
SGL Group
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with The Zippertubing Co.

“I would like to thank you for all of your help and technical assistance that you have provided me over the last week. The machine is now operating how it should. I finally did get the control system to set the height with the die attached. I just wanted to thank-you and say that you were a very thorough troubleshooting engineer and you help was very much appreciated.”

Testimonial by Richard Fix
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with SmartGuard

“Just wanted to let you guys know that we absolutely love the machine. It works great, is quiet, and will be a huge asset to us – Thanks for selling such a nice machine.”

Testimonial by Rick Wiggins
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. proudly associated with Universal Filtration Incorporated

“Hello Kim, we got our press back last week and got it all set up and working. We are now back to full production, and I just wanted to say thank you to you and your crew for helping us. Be sure to let all involved we appreciate your patience and hard work.”

Testimonial by Ron Murray
Universal Filtration Incorporated
Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is proudly associated with KINO FLO Lighting Systems

“Now that the project is complete and the machine is up and ‘producing chips’ – I would like to thank you ALL at Associated Pacific for the terrific response. Very much appreciated, and going forward, we will try our best to give enough time so the job can be done without rushing.”

Testimonial by Sam Art
Kino Flo Lighting