Abrasive Disc Computer Die Cutting System (CP2083-30)


This two axis computer numerical control system features 30 tons of available tonnage and a 20″ x 83″ bed size.

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  • Two axis computer numerical control system
  • P.P. cutting pad with pad shifter
  • Punch slug box under head to automatically collect scrap material
  • Pneumatic die rails under head for quick and easy die mounting
  • Servo motor positioning system
  • Inboard clamping beam feed system
  • Outboard conveyor table
  • Gravity roller on outboard conveyor
  • Stainless steel grid plate feeding device to help feed flimsy abrasive material out of the cutting area
  • External line filter
  • Photocell safety guard
  • Two roll tension adjustable heavy duty material stand
  • Air cooled oil cooler
  • Two axis servo motor positioning system position accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.
  • Working capacity of up to 28,800 abrasive discs per eight hours with one cavity cutting die to cut two plies of roll material.
  • User friendly computer control and 100 cutting program memory provides easy operation
  • Punch-slugs feed through punch tube into the slug box above the die. You can uses a vacuum cleaner to clear out the slugs.
  • Auto cutting directly from jumbo rolls can not only simplify the manufacturing process, but can also achieve material savings of up to 15%
  • Unique stainless steel grid plate feeding device can provide perfect feeding results for all kinds of non-woven felt, Velcro backing, and pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) release paper backing of abrasive sandpaper material.
  • Separate sealed hydraulic unit with external line filter and seal protected moving parts protects against abrasive entry and can provide excellent machine durability.
  • P.P. pad shifter device can save cutting pad cost and provides clean cut parts.


Machine Options
  • Model CP2283-30E for Abrasive Materials – Above machine is fitted with Inboard and Outboard Polyurethane and Steel pinch rolls and all cylinder rods, exposed columns and moving parts are sealed to protect from abrasive dust entry.
  • Outboard Pneumatic Pinch Roll Feeding System with 6.3” (160mm) Max. Opening – The opening and closing of the pinch rolls is pneumatically operated. The pinch rolls are suited to feed up to two layers of material in and out of the machine while holding the material during the cutting process.
  • Inboard Clamping Beam Feeding System – Takes the incoming material and moves it toward the press. The moveable clamp is driven by servo motor and timing belts. The clamping beam feed system is suitable for transporting multiple layers of material.
  • Slug Collection Box for Abrasive Disc Cutting Die – Including Slug Box, Die Backing Plate, Die and AL. Die Board.
  • Light Duty Four Roll Material Stand – Used to hold the rolls of material so they can be pulled into the press by the machines feed system.


Cutting Force: 33 Tons (30 Metric Tons)
Maximum Daylight: 8.3" - 3" (210-80 mm) (Head to machine bed)
Machine Bed: 19.6" x 82.7" (500D x 2100W mm)
Main Motor: 5 HP
Series: CP2083-30

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