Full Head (Manual)

The Full Head (Manual) series of APMC machinery feature a slide table to manually insert material onto the machine bed to be evenly cut by the dies. The vast majority of cutting presses have been hydraulically powered to enable high cutting forces and coupled with a unique balancing system to ensure the head and bed stay parallel at all time for maximum cutting accuracy. The die cutting machines offered through APMC range from a number of tonnages and bed sizes to suit our customer’s specifications. The Full Head (Manual) series of APMC die cutting machines range in tonnage from 25 tons to 400 tons and respectively range in bed sizes from 20″ x 50″ to 78.7” x 118.” The full head series specializes in cutting material in sheet form due to the stationary cutting press incorporated with this line of machinery; however, the cutting stroke for these machines ranges from 3.9″-9.8″ which allows for a wide range of materials to be processed.

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