Hydraulic High Speed Presses (HS-30 Tons)


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The single cylinder High Speed press has a welded steel construction for superior rigidity and strength. This completely automated die cutting system is user friendly and is specifically designed to achieve high production rates for kiss cutting and through cutting. The hydraulic system is designed for low noise, optimum efficiency, and low electricity consumption.

  • Strong construction, heavy duty weldments on chassis of machine.
  • Low shock, noise and impact level on cutting of material.
  • Low consumption of electricity on optimum and efficient design of hydraulic system.
  • Simplified and user friendly machine for achieving high productivity.
  • High precision central adjusted 4 post mechanical stops together with cutting on HRC 60º hardened & ground steel plate can achieve perfect kiss cutting result and through cutting without edge burs of different kind of plastic film.
  • Servo motor position system of roll feed machine to achieve high speed and precision feeding of material, position accuracy of ±0.2mm, feeding speed of 1.5 meter/sec.
  • Safety guard for safe operation of machine.
  • High operation speed of roll feed machine to achieve 100 cuts per minute for 10mm cutting stroke, 20mm feeding distance.
Range of Applications
  • Label sticker, electronic foam, rubber foam, name plate, insulation foam, automotive foam, rubber, medical rubber, felt, floor tiles, stationery plastic cover, packing, gasket, P. P file, plastic film such as LCD, PC, P.P, PET, PVC, etc.


Machine Options
  • Roll type material auto cutting system, including:
      • Inboard & outboard pinch roll feeder
      • Manual four post mechanical stops
      • Cutting on steel plate for both kiss cutting and through cutting
      • Cutparts rewinding stand with tension control
      • Servo motor position system
  • Automatic sliding table (single side or double side) for sheet type material
  • Ball screw driven incremental table, accuracy ±0.1mm for sheet type material
  • In line laminating device, hot sealing device and guillotine device
  • Scrap rewinding stand
  • One axis optical fiber sensor, cut to registration for printed material
  • Tailor made system to suit your specific requirements


Cutting Force: 33 Tons (30 Metric Tons)
Cutting Stroke: 5.1" (130mm)
Maximum Daylight: 6.1" (155mm)
Machine Bed: (19.7-25.6" D x 19.7-25.6" W) / (500-650mm D x 500-650mm W)
Main Motor: 5 HP
Gross Weight: TBD
Series: HS- 30 Tons