Four Corner Hydraulic Envelope Cutting Machine (THNC-N30)


Any type large size envelope close die cutting, Pocket type and wallet type envelope four corner cutting

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A hydraulic traveling head press producing 30 metric (33 U.S.) tons of cutting force. This very quiet, high speed machine has a heavy-duty, single cylinder construction that provides for efficient cuts of single or multiple layers of material. The hydraulic up stroke and down stroke provide for an even cutting depth. It is especially designed for maximum material yield of small parts cut from wide materials. Die and material height is set quickly and easily making this machine operator friendly.

  • Head driven by double chain with frequency converter cushion system to stop at one cutting position with position accuracy of ± 0.2 mm
  • Working capacity of up to 400,000 blanks per eight hours with maximum material stack thickness of 60 mm
  • Die lubrication for clean cuts and longer die life
  • Cutting pad shifter multiplies pad life
  • Die position adjustable die holder can cut different sizes of envelopes with the same four corner dies, therefore saving die costs
  • Maximum blank size of: 480 x 550 mm (THNC-N25) / 600 x 600 mm (THNC-N30)
  • Optional head center pneumatic ejector to get upmost cutting size accuracy for stack material


Machine Options
  • Pneumatic Ejector on Cutting Head – For pushing cut parts out of the cutting die onto the machine bed.
  • Magnetic Die Attaching System – The electro magnetic die holder uses a charged magnet to hold the envelope cutting die in place. This makes die changes for heavy envelope dies faster and easier. The magnetic charge remains after power has been shut off, so you do not need to worry about the die releasing if there is a power failure.
  • Frequency converter cushion system
  • Front photocell safety guard and rear metal mesh safety guard
  • P.P. cutting pad with pad shifter
  • Material side and rear guides
  • Front and rear waster paper conveyor
  • Die position adjustible die holder
  • Optional four corner dies
  • Optional pneumatic ejector on head center
Range of Application
  • Any type large size envelope close die cutting
  • Pocket type and wallet type envelope four corner cutting


Cutting Force: 33 Tons (30 Metric Tons)
Cutting Stroke: 5.1” (130 mm)
Maximum Daylight: 9.6"- 4.53" (245-115 mm)
Machine Bed: 26"D x 69"W (650D x 1750Wmm)
Main Motor: 5 HP
Series: THNC-N30

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