Envelope Cutting System (CPC-NA25)


This computer controlled hydraulic system features 25 tons of available tonnage and a 19.7”D x 19.7”W bed size

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3 AXIS COMPUTER CONTROLLED HYDRAULIC TRAVELING HEAD DIE CUTTING MACHINE – A hydraulic computerized traveling head press producing 25 metric (28 U.S.) tons of cutting force. With two axis control (or three axis head rotation), this machine saves material, reduces labor, increases productivity, extends die life, and assures cutting quality.

  • Spring Loaded Material Side Guide – For material alignment. The spring device helps push material into the correct position where a hard stop would force the material to curl up.
  • Y Axis Rear Guide and Clamping Unit – Clamping from the top and bottom results in a tighter grip than just clamping from one direction. The clamps include an air blower for accurate lift alignment and are able to retract when there is a cut at the clamp’s position.
  • Flattening Roller – Squeezes air out of the paper lift for cut to print accuracy before the first cut and during the cutting program.
  • Die Mounting Rails Under Head – The die rails hold the tooling under the head. They are manually operated for easy die board change out.
  • Pneumatic Ejector and Stabilization Unit in the Cutting Head – To hold down material during the cutting stroke and push cut blanks out of the die; with dwell time adjustment.
  • Variable Speed Hydraulic System for Adjusting the Cutting Ram Speed – Adjustable cutting speeds provides the ability to slow down the cutting cycle for materials that cannot be cut at higher speeds.
  • Cut Parts Transportation Device – Moves the cut parts from the cutting table to the collection station.
  • Cut Blank Knock Out Device for Cut Blank Collection – Wooden posts push up cut parts for easy manual collection.
  • Program for Irregular Printed Layout – Allows the operator to create a cutting program that matches the printed layout of the material, no matter how the material is printed.


Machine Options
  • Auto Sheet Ream Feeder with Ball Screw and Servo Motor Positioning System (Model CPC-NA25) – The automatic ream feeder can hold stacks of material up to 60” tall and can be easily adjusted for materials of varying thickness. After being separated from the stack, the lift is jogged into correct alignment on the transfer table.
  • Electro Magnetic Die Holder 25.2” D x 25.6” W x 2” T (640 D x 650 W x 50 T mm) The electro magnetic die holder uses a charged magnet to hold the envelope cutting die in place. This makes die changes for large format, or heavy envelope dies faster and easier.
  • Mitsubishi Servo Motor Positioning System for X, Y, & Z Axes – The servo motor positioning system has a +/-0.004” positioning accuracy which means you will obtain very high material yields.


Cutting Force: 25 metric tons (28 US tons)
Cutting Head: 19.7”D x 19.7”W (500 X 500 mm)
Cutting Stroke: 5.9” (150 mm)
Maximum Daylight: 10.4” (263 mm)
Main Motor: 3 HP
Series: CPC-NAR25

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