Automated Incremental Slide Table (FH3563-100)


This Full Head Press Cutting System features 100 tons of available tonnage and a 35″ x 63″ bed size. This machine saves material, increases productivity, and assures cutting quality

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Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is introducing a new cutting system for profiled scouring pads, the FH3563-100 Automated Incremental Slide Table. This provides fully automatic operation from sheet material auto feeding, guiding before cutting to ensure the material is the correct position, and then a conveyor belt to output the sheet. This is a complete system with specialized tooling able to accurately cut between grooves on a pre-profiled foam/abrasive sheet to produce profiles ‘grip’ pads with good symmetry. It was developed by our supplier and their UK agent. The system saves labor and is faster than the conventional method of band knifing material plus manual placing onto a manual sliding table press

  • Cutting force of 100 metric tons
  • Automatic Alignment Station
  • Die board on table or head
  • Automatic Sheet Feed
  • Suitable for sheets and planks
  • Special Through Press Feed System


Machine Options
  • Inboard push bar chain drive feeding system with stainless table
  • Inboard pneumatic pinch roll feeder, open stroke 160mm driven by motor and reducer
  • Outboard conveyor belt 1200mm wide by 1570mm long
  • An auto sheet feeder for the 2050 x 1000mm sheet material
  • Two pneumatic push bar guides for material loading to right position


Cutting Force: 100 Tons
Cutting Stroke: 4.3" (110 mm)
Maximum Daylight: 6.3” (160 mm)
Machine Bed: 35.4” D x 63” W (900 x 1600 mm)
Main Motor: 15 HP
Series: FH3563-100

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