USA 100 Ton Hydraulic Full Head Press (AP-10345)


Model: FH3563-100M;

100 Ton;

Quantity: 1.

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Model: USA FH3563-100M – Remanufactured machine (with new feed system)

Cutting Force: 100 Metric (110 US) Tons

Cutting Stroke: 7.1” (180 mm)

Main Motor: 15 HP

Machine Bed: 35.4” D x 63” W (900 x 1600 mm)

Effective Cutting Area: 33.5” D x 57.1” W (850 x 1450 mm)

Max. Open Daylight: 9.1” (230 mm)

Feeding System

  • Cutting on Belt System – A cutting belt system consists of a number of components. The belt goes through the press and acts as both a transport system and cutting surface.  Normally the belt is divided into three different sections.  There is usually an in-feed section; its length will vary depending on the depth of the press, if the material is in sheets or rolls and the desired feed length.  Underneath the cutting head is the cutting section of the belt.  After the cutting section is the outboard section for cut parts removal.  The belt travels through the press and underneath to make a loop.  A belt shifter is used in the design to increase belt life.  Mechanical stops are used to control the cutting depth, also to increase belt life and prevent belt damage.  This is important with cutting on a belt system.  Belt movement is controlled by a clamping beam.  A nylon cutting belt, gravity roller and belt shifter are included.  Nylon belt size:
  • Inboard Clamping Beam Feeding System – Takes the incoming material and moves it toward the press.  The rear clamp which is moveable grips the material and moves it forward on a conveyor belt.  When the  material is under the press, the fixed position clamp closest to the machine clamps down and holds the material while the moveable clamp returns backwards in preparation for the next feed.
  • 1 HP Servo Motor Positioning System – The servo motor positioning system has a +/-0.004” positioning accuracy which means you will obtain very high material yields. A servo is faster than a frequency converter for longer material feeds.  The system consists of an AC servo motor, encoder, and integrated drive unit.
  • Sensor for Activation of First Stroke – The sensor detects the material as it comes into the press. Based on information entered on the touch screen, the material will feed to the correct position for the first cut.  After the first cut, the material will feed based on the user specified distance and number of cuts until the cutting program is complete.
  • Adjustable Material Side Guide – Is located on one side of the inboard conveyor. It is used so the operator can easily place material onto the conveyor and have it inline with the cutting die.


Pressure: 100 Tons
Cutting Area: 33.5” D x 57.1” W (850 x 1450 mm)
Motor Power: 15 HP
Stroke: 7.1” (180 mm)
Maximum Daylight: 9.1” (230 mm)