Computer Controlled Cutting on Belt System (CP3083-30)


This computer controlled hydraulic die cutting machine features 30 tons of available tonnage and a 30”D x 83”W bed size with cutting on belt system.

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A hydraulic computerized traveling head press producing 30 metric (33 U.S.) tons of cutting force.  With two axis control, this machine saves material, reduces labor, increases productivity, extends die life, and assures cutting quality.

  • Suitable for thick single and double roll material
  • Two or three axis servo motor position system guarantees position accuracy of ± 0.2 mm.
  • Working capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 cuts per 8 hours.
  • User friendly computer control.
  • 50 cutting program memory for different die shapes. Cutting program shown on dialog type computer monitor.
  • Program and cutting die change within 5 minutes or less.
  • Optional auto nesting software is availible to achieve best material yield through computer auto nesting.
  • Combine with optional feeding system to obtain automated die cutting systems for high production even with many daily die changes.
  • Material savings up to 20% and more.
  • Increase Productivity, Extend Die-Life, Assure Cutting Quality


Machine Options
  • Outboard Pneumatic Pinch Roll Feeding System with 6.3” (160mm) Max. Opening – The opening and closing of the pinch rolls is pneumatically operated. The forward and reverse movement of the pinch rolls is powered by a motor. The motor is servo controlled. The pinch rolls are suited to feed up to two layers of material in and out of the machine while holding the material during the cutting process.
  • Inboard Clamping Beam Feeding System (Instead of Inboard Pinch Roller) – Takes the incoming material and moves it toward the press. When the material is ready to be cut, the forward fixed clamp moves down to hold the material. While the machine is cutting, the moveable clamp returns backwards in preparation for the next material feed. The clamping beam feed system is suitable for transporting multiple layers of material.
  • Inboard Safety Guard and Outboard Photocell Safety Guard (Instead of Inboard and Outboard Safety Guards) – CE approved photocell safety guard on outboard (operator) side of machine and inboard safety guard.
  • Industrial PC Based Operator Interface – A PC that is designed to be on the shop floor. It operates on Windows. It can be replaced by any desktop or portable PC.
  • High Speed Hydraulic Unit with Air Cooled Oil Cooler – This is a special hydraulic system so the press can make more cuts per minute than it would make with a normal hydraulic system. The oil cooler is to keep the hydraulic oil at the proper operating temperature.


Cutting Force: 33 Tons (30 Metric Tons)
Cutting Stroke: 5.1” (130 mm)
Maximum Daylight: 1.9"-6.3" (30-160 mm)
Machine Bed: 29.9” D x 82.7” W (760 x 2100 mm)
Main Motor: 5 HP
Series: CP3083-30
C-2-C Head Traverse: 57.1” (1450 mm)