Automatic Smart Card Milling and Implanting Machine (IMA)


Designed to handle any CR80 size plastic cards (PVC, PET, PC&ABS)

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The IMA-1500H is a fully automatic milling and chip implanting system for chip or smart cards such as telephone cards, bank credit cards, GSM cards, ID health care cards, etc. The IMA 1500H uses hot melt bonding system.

  • Extraction of individual cards from the stacking magazine
  • The rigid transporting system moves the cards from one workstation to another in a synchronized manner
  • CNC cavity milling head and dust extraction
  • Numerically controlled 3-axis dispensor system for precision dosing glue on milled cavity
  • Automatic chip module spooler, puncher and handler
  • Implanting of the chip module in the cavity
  • Bonding of the chip to the card cavity
  • Data input device
  • Sorting of cards in good and reject magazines
  • PC based control for easy operation
  • Speed: 1,500 cards an hour
Range of application
  • The workstations of the IMA are designed to handle any type of plastic cards (PVC, PET, PC&ABS)


Machine Options
  • Optical color sensor to detect the front surface of the cards-
  • In-line encoding system for Smart Cards-
  • Additional punching tool for a different chip module type-
  • Gripper unit for chip module type feeding-
  • Laminating head for hot melt tape and chip module tape
  • Also available with 3,000 cards an hour- IMA3000


Capacity: 500 cards (ISO 7810) per magazine
Card Dimension: ISO standard
Glue: Hot melt. Cold glue upon request.
Machine Dimension: 2900L x 1240W x 1860H mm
Throughput: 1500 cards/hr.
Weight: 1000 kgs