Automatic Plastic Card Lamination System (HCP-A100 (1))


Suitable for the lamination of contact and contactless plastic cards

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The HCP-A100 is designed for safe and efficient automatic lamination of a variety of plastic materials. This machine combines many exceptional features to ensure perfect lamination results for contact or contactless materials. The high rigidity of the machine frame, flawless parallelism of the platens, precise temperature control, as well as the programmable hydraulic pressure setting, each contribute significantly to the perfection of the finished product.

  • Independant heating and cooling presses eliminates the need to heat and cool the platens during each production cycle.
  • Main frame of heating and cooling presses made of rigid welded steel.
  • Main hydraulic cylinders are hardened, ground, and chromium plated.
  • Heating and cooling presses operate by central hydraulic system.
  • Pressure settings at the different stages of heating and cooling are programmable.
  • Transfer of the cassettes from hot to cold is done by lifting and transporting them. This eliminates dust contamination..
  • Comprehensive PC monitoring and control with large program storage allows for ease of operation.
  • PC based diagnostics for maintenance and trouble-shooting.
  • Closed-loop transport system reduces material cassette loading and transfer time.
  • Quick transfer into the cooling press allows for the uniform cooling of the material over the complete area.
  • Discoloration avoided by uniform application of pressure.
  • Heating temperature evenly distributed across entire hot platen.
  • Fully automatic production cycle.
  • Production capacity at 9000 cards per hour.


Machine Options
  • Optional weight compensation devices to reduce the total weight applied on the material being laminated for contactless cards- zero pressure at closing and equal pressure throughout the stack
  • Loading Roller Table- The table is designed for closed-loop transport height, and daylight height. The track surface is equipped with driving rollers, driven by a frequency cushion positioning system.
  • Motorized Transfer Loading Rack – Approximate speed 166 mm/sec. This device is stationed in front of the heating press and is used to simultaneously drive the material cassettes from the heating press to the cooling press and from the standby loading rack station to the heating press
  • Closed Loop Transport System – This system is equipped with motorized shaft roller table and free ball roller table.


Cooling Pressure: 100 tons
Heating Pressure: 100 tons
Laminate Area: 22" x 26.8" (560 x 680mm)
Number Of Opening: 6 Daylights
Number Of Sheets Per Opening: 2x10 - 15
Press Surface: 23.6" x 29.5" (600x750mm)
Series: HCP-A100 (1)