Die cutting machinery. Early photo of Associated Pacific Machine Corp.
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“We’ve had to reinvent ourselves and the company several times,” Bob Wax reflects, thinking about his family’s involvement in leading Associated Pacific Machine Corp (APMC) based in Camarillo, California.

Die-less, die cutting, and rule-bending machines are key products offered at APMC, but before that, the family business revolved around shoes. Over the years, the familial values of innovation and generosity continue at APMC.

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. history of shoes. Early photo of company shoe making.

Meet Simon Wax, “Silver Fox” of the Early Twentieth Century

Before APMC was a concept, Bob’s great-grandfather started a shoe factory in Worcester, Massachusetts. After a couple of decades, Bob’s grandfather began to run this shoe factory with a well-remembered flair.

“He had gray hair and a full head of it,” Bob says, adding with a laugh. “They used to call him the silver fox.” Bob’s grandfather, Simon Wax, was also known for his generosity.

“That’s just how he was–generous with everybody,” Bob adds.

Simon Wax’s Son, Daniel, Guided the Company with “Intuitive Knowledge”

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. Early photo of APMC building and workers.


Simon and his son, Daniel, bought the shoe factory together and pulled in pivotal partners. Eventually, Daniel married and had children, including Bob and Brandt Wax. In 1966, Daniel also founded APMC in Los Angeles, supplying machines to a growing shoe manufacturing and leather goods industry.

Bob Wax Becomes Fourth Generation “Wax” to Lead Family Business

After the passing of his father, Daniel Wax, Bob stepped into the main leadership role. The 1970s marked a key change for APMC, as the company expanded beyond leather die cutting, largely in response to the shoe manufacturing industry moving overseas.

This pivot was essential, and APMC offered leather die cutting solutions before expanding to other industries such as converting, laser, rule-bending, dieless and more.

During this decade, Bob’s brother, Brandt, also developed the industrial part of APMC.

Bob and Helen Wax’s Children, Mikkel and Roen, Bring Key Developments to APMC

APMC company history. Image of Bob and Helen Wax

Bob and Helen Wax at the CAFA convention in 2021.

The fifth generation of the Wax family to influence the company has been running the floors of APMC since a young age–a very young age.

“Roen has been in the business since he was five months old,” Bob jokes, adding how Roen, “used to be carried down to the office and he’d just stay there.”

Mikkel followed his interest in computer science and graduated from University of California San Diego. His industrial application helped his training, when he leaned more into the family business.

“Both of our children have helped the business adapt and grow,” Bob adds.

APMC proud sponsor of the La Mariposa School jogathon fundraiser. Image of two small children wearing shirts with sponsorship logos.Generosity Continues in the Tradition of Simon Wax

There is a different level of commitment from businesses that have generations of family behind them. The Wax family continues to lead with generosity and give back to their local community.

Just recently, APMC was a proud sponsor of the La Mariposa School for a local jogathon fundraiser. “I think Simon Wax would be proud to know that his descendants have kept the Wax spirit of innovation and generosity alive and well,” Bob reflects.

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