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Cut to Print for the Graphics Industry

Associated Pacific Machine Corp. offers multiple machines (both die cutting and CNC) for cut-to-print applications in the graphics industry.  Our newest machine with cut-to-print capability is the Protek Unico TT – using the onboard camera and a CNC knife or router, the Unico TT can cut even very sophisticated custom shapes from a wide range of materials.  Here’s a quick look at the machine in action:

Learn more about the machine here: https://apmcorp.com/product/unico-tt/

Contact APMC for more information.

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Why Doesn’t My Machine Work?

Why Doesn’t My Machine Work?

This is a call our customer service person receives on a regular basis. Sometimes the answer is simple and sometimes it is a seminar in the principles of diecutting. To answer the question, we need to collect a bit of information about the problem.

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