Swing Arm Clickers

The APM-SA Swing Arm Clicker Series remains the ideal machine for cutting sheets of material with small cutting dies. To assure maximum access and visibility of the material, the swing arm can be easily moved to one side by the operator in order to gather cut pieces and re-position the tool for the next cut. The machine is simply operated by placing sheet material on the bed of the press, properly positioning the cutting tool on the material, and pressing the operating buttons. The beam descends under hydraulic power to cut the required cut shape from single or multiple layers of material. The swing arm clicker machines offered through Associated Pacific Machine range from a number of tonnages and bed sizes to suit our customer’s specifications. The Swing Arm Clicker series of die cutting machines range in tonnage from 8 tons to 27 tons and respectively range in bed sizes from (12″-20″)D x (24″-40″)W, they also have a cutting stroke of 3.9″ for an extended range of materials to be processed.

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