Ultrabender BB-020-DN


This computer-automated Rule Bending machine BB-020 features the ability to use different sets of tools for rule types ranging from .28″ -2.36″ (7-60mm) in height with a 3pt thickness and .47″ –  1.26″(12-32mm) in height with a 4pt thickness.


With full options installed, BB-020 series is suitable for high efficiency and high accuracy Packaging Dies, Stripping Dies, Vacuum Forming Dies, Advertising Signs, Shoes Dies, Sticker and Label Dies, Electronic Dies, Photo-electronic Dies, Cigarette Packaging Dies, etc.

Many Models available on BB-020 Series: CE, B, D, BN.

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  • High Bending Accuracy: Precision ground ballscrew to incorporate with professional die making software to acquire high accuracy demand
  • High Balancing Flatness: Integrated more than 20 years of die making experience to achieve high balancing flatness of dies
  • Wide Range of Rules Support: Can operate for label rules, normal cutting rules, high rules and thick rules
  • New Cutting System: New cutting unit for up to 12 tools and auto selection by software
  • Fast Changing Tools: Fast, easy and convenient way of changing tools for using different types of rules
  • Two Ways of Cutting: Two-segment cutting function and full-cut function for maintaining length accuracy during bending as well as cutting efficiency
  • Broaching: Broach on sharp angles and tiny arcs of R0.1, R0.2, R0.3 and R0.5mm
  • Nicking: 4 different nick widths and auto selection by software
  • Perforation: Auto perforation with auto depth control
  • Bridge: Auto adjustable height between .196" and .787" (5 and 20mm), three bridge-widths available and auto selection by software
  • Side Broaching (Unique Feature):

         -Reducing traditional work for manual side broaching on grinding machine

         -Combined "V" and "Flat" shapes broaching for joints using tiny lipper

         -Joints with broaching suitable for cigarette packaging dies.


Machine Options
  • Upgrade to Auto Lifting Rule Cassette Holder (6 Cassettes)
  • Bending Head 1.18" x 0.042" (30mm x 1.07mm)
  • Bending Head 2.36" x 0.042" (60mm x 1.07mm)
  • Bending Head 1.26" x 0.042" (32mm x 1.07mm)
  • Mitering and Cutting mould /w coating
  • Future CAM Professional Version License


Supported Rule Height: .28" -2.36" (7-60mm), .47" - 1.26" (12 -32mm)
Supported Rule Thickness: Up to 4pt (0.4 – 1.42mm)
Cutting Tool: Max 12 tools installed - 3B + CLT + 3P
Bridge: .196" and .787" (5-20mm) height adjustable
Perforation: Min 1mm width, Max 5mm depth
Broaching: “V” shape (B,D) & flat shape (D), auto depth adjustment
Nicking: 4 discs auto changer, 0.3 – 0.6mm width (N)
Compressed Air: 0.6-0.8 MPa. 8mm Pipe diameter
Gross Weight: Main Body: 1763 Lbs (800 Kg), standard cassette holder 220 Lbs (100 kg)
Phases: Single Phase
Power: 230 Vac
Power Consumption: 5kW
Dimension: Main body 290L x 85W x 170H cm, Standard Cassette Holder 90L x 90W x 120H
Series: BB-020

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