Steel Rule Bending Ultrabenders

We offer a diverse selection of auto bending machines called UltraBenders. These Steel Rule Bending Processing machines are used in die making to design die cutting tools. It is the best alternative to produce die cutting tools in a perfect, quick and confident way. Richly Top CNC Equipment (Shenzen) Limited Company is a Hong Kong based CNC equipment manufacturer with its factory and headquarters based in Shenzhen, China.

Richly Top also has subsidiaries located in Hong Kong, Shenyang, China and Mexico. Richly Top’s founding partners decided in 2004 to leverage their experience and expertise in die making and CNC machinery manufacturing to create their own company. Throughout its years, Richly Top has combined internal development, internal design, strategic licensing, production and marketing to become a well-known and respected machine manufacturer. Richly Top’s main products include the UltraBender, UltraCutter, UltraRouter, Rotary UltraRouter and Future CAM software.

APMC and Richly Top established a partnership in 2011 with a goal of bringing the Richly Top line of equipment to the United States and Canada. Customer response has been positive from the start, with machines installed in small two-man shops up to some of the country’s largest die-makers. APMC and Richly Top look forward to many years of working together, and more importantly, many years of providing our customers with efficient and accurate Steel Rule Bending Processing machines backed up by dependable customer service.

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