Plastic Card Cutting, Counting, Stacking and Wrapping System (CAR-5AR)


Automatic cutting of plastic, paper, and teslin cards from rolled material or inline printed material

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The CAR-5AR is designed specifically to cut credit cards from plastic sheets, generally to cut any kind of plastic card. The machine’s sensor system traces registration marks printed on the uncut sheets – not according to the edge of the sheet. This registration mark tracking system is more precise. Where precision is not necessary – cutting unprinted sheets, for example – the CAR-5AR can use the older, edge of sheet method.

  • A combination of high volume production, accurate die cutting, and high quality card edges.
  • Capacity of 24,000 cards per hour using a 5-row cutting format.
  • Male and female shear-type die ensures excellent cut edges, special tooling for paper.
  • Laser sensors with a registration mark tracking system ensures a cut-to-print accuracy.
  • Cards are automatically collected, stacked, and counted.
  • Touch screen monitor.
  • Stacked cards are automatically moved to banding station and then placed onto exit conveyor.
  • Paper binding device for paper and plastic, 30 mm wide x 200 meter long x 1 roll.
  • Adjustable temperature air condition type oil cooler.
  • Servo motor position system for collection device.
Range of applications
  • Automatic cutting of plastic, paper, and teslin cards from rolled material or inline printed material. Available for any commercial format.


Machine Options
  • Larger size machine with more cavities is available.
  • Frequency converter for changing cutting speeds.
  • Outboard side guillotine device for cutting the web to sheet.
  • Scrap web rewinding stand.
  • Material cleaner.


Card Dimension: 2.12” – 2.13” (53.92-54.03mm) x 3.36” – 3.37” (85.47-85.72mm)
Cutting Force: 5 Metric Tons
Material Thickness: 0.02”-0.031” (0.5~0.8 mm)
Productivity: 20,000 cards per hour
Sheet Length: 18.9” L (480 mm)
Sheet Width: 12.6” W (320mm)
Series: CAR-5AR