High Speed Credit and Plastic Card Automatic Cutter (CAR-5HC)


Auto feeding and cutting of plastic cards from sheets of stacked and printed material

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The CAR-5HC is designed specifically to cut credit card size cards from plastic or paper sheets, generally to cut any kind of plastic or paper card. The machine’s sensor system traces registration marks printed on the uncut sheets, and it works not according to the edge of the sheet method. This registration mark tracking system is more precise, and where precision is not necessary, i.e. cutting unprinted sheets, the CAR-5HC can use the older, edge of sheet method for faster throughput.

  • A 20% increase in production over our CAR-5N.
  • The auto sheet feeder holds approximately 1000 0.8 mm thick sheets.
  • This machine will have material savings, fast speed, and extremely accurate cutting edges.
  • A combination of high volume production, accurate die cutting, and high quality card edges.
  • Inboard and outboard ball screw servo drive gripper with position accuracy of ± 0.1 mm.
  • Optical sensors with registration mark tracking system ensure a cut to print accuracy of ± 0.1 mm.
  • The shear type male and female die ensures clean cut edges.
  • Cards are automatically collected and stacked into two interchangable magazine stations. There is a seperate station for each row. Each magazine can hold up to 450 cards (0.8 mm thick cards).
  • Scrap web is automatically discharged.
  • An air floatation system protects card from scratching during the feeding process.
  • The touch screen moniter faciliates easy data entry.
Range of Applications
  • Auto feeding and cutting of plastic cards from sheets of stacked and printed material. Available for any commercial sheet format.


Machine Options
  • Larger size machine with more cavities is available upon request.
  • Special accessories are available for the accurate punching of contactless plastic cards.
  • Machines can be supplied with multiple cassettes for card sorting.


Cutting Force: 5 tons (7, 12 tons available due to sheet sizes and materials)
Die: horizontal, 3 cavities male and female (horizontal, 4 cavities male and female) (horizontal, 5 cavities male and female)
Dimension: 2680D × 1420W × 1800H (mm) (2680D × 1520W × 1800H (mm)) (2780D × 1450W × 1800H (mm))
Material Thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
Main Motor: 3HP
Motor Servo: 1/2HP×2
Sheet Length: 26" (650 mm) (727 mm)
Sheet Width: 12" (390 mm) (330 mm)
Speed: 16,000 - 18,000 cards/hour (21,000 cards/hour) (27,000 cards/hour)
Weight: 6600 Lbs (3300kgs)
Series: CAR-5HC