Roll Material Precision Hydraulic Cutting Machine (KR-40)


This machine is designed for continuous work for through cutting and kiss cutting of roll materials, suitable for electronics field, packing industry, etc.

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  • Manual 4 post mechanical stops accuracy +/- 0.02mm with micro adjustment, adjustment accuracy 0.01mm, can do kiss cutting
  • Touch screen operator interface and accessories can save 300 sets cut program
  • HRC60° hardened and ground steel plate, ensure perfect cutting edge.
  • Servo motor positioning of the roll feeder, position accuracy of +/- 0.1mm
  • 75 cuts per minute, based on 20mm cutting stroke and a 10mm feeding distance
  • Adjustable die rails
  • Circle PET belt feeding system
  • Waste Rewind and finished rewind
  • Safety guard and safety photocell


Machine Options
  • Double slide table- Allows for multiple operators to work at the same time and increase productivity from one single machine.
  • Pad Shifter- Mounts on the head of a full press machine and oscillates the polypropylene pad to reduce wear on die, as well as increase material yields.
  • Die Mounting rails- Allows for ease of access to die pads and makes changing die pads easier.
  • Automated Slide Tables- reduces need to manually push slide table in and out of machine
  • Wear Plate- Fitted to the slide table on the machine for through cutting of material upwards.
  • Material Feed Roller- Option automatically feed rolled material onto machine bed for quicker production time
  • Phase Converter- Option to switch the machine to run on single phase, 220V power.


Cutting Force: 44 tons (40 Metric tons)
Maximum Daylight: 5.12" (130mm)
Machine Bed: 23.6" x 23.6" (600 x 600mm)
Main Motor: 5 HP
Gross Weight: 6160 lBS (2800 Kgs)
Series: KR-40

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