Plastic Card GSM SIM Punching Machine (GSM-1A)


The GSM-1A is designed specifically to cut GSM SIM cards from plastic cards, generally to cut from PVC or any other material.

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The machine is fully automatic punching and stacking system for GSM cards(Global System for Mobile Communications). It is designed to punch the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and scribe a break-out line according to the GSM 11.11 Standard.

The GSM-1A is a fully automatic machine and the following is the working sequence of the machine using the automatic feeder:

  1. Material preloading: The ISO CR80 cards are laid on the card transport belt system by pulling down the cards one-by-one by suction cups and a cylinder.
  2. Double card check by using a station for card thickness check, as well as for double cards. If at this point all conditions set for card thickness are satisfactory then the card also is checked for its printed image orientation (optional) and moved forward.
  3. Card is cut for through cut around the chip according to the specs by male and female die.
  4. Card is moved forward for kiss cutting and break-out lines.
  5. Card is checked for ATR (optional)
  6. Cards are collected in the collection magazines.
  7. Any card that did not satisfy any condition or measurements set by the operator, will be rejected and collected in the rejection bin.
  8. Conveyor Servo driven tabbed belt system with dedicated card tabs
  9. ATR (Answer To Reset) test station (optional) to check the cards for electrical short and chip response.
  • Extraction of individual cards from 2 loading magazines one-by-one
  • Timing belt conveyor transporting system move the cards from one workstation to another is synchronized manner
  • SIM punching and scribing is done by hydraulic systems (servo option is available also)
  • Removal of waste material into the internal container
  • Automatic stacking of finished cards into 2 output interchangeable magazines
  • Complete CE safety guards
  • The touch screen monitor system makes the machine easy to operate and self diagnostic troubleshooting makes the machine user friendly
  • Very stable and consistent production system
  • Both flexible and reliable


Machine Options
  • ATR Test Check Station
  • Card Orientation Check Station
  • GSM-2A with 3000 cards/hour
  • GSM-2AS with 2 GSM SIM Punching capabilities on the same card


Card Dimension: ISO Format ID1, CR80
Compressed Air: 6 Bar
Dimension: 1900(L)x925(W)x1800(H) mm
Materials: PVC or any other material upon request
Motor Servo: 400 W
Gross Weight: 4400 Lbs (2000 KG)
Protection Degree: 1500 Cards/hour