Hot & Cold Strip Cutting Machine (HC-530)


With a 4″ blade and dwell timer this machine will cut thru heavy webbing, synthetic cord, cardboard, leather, plastic, and many others.

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A Hot and Cold Strip Cutting Machine that will cut elastic, webbing (Up to ¼” Thick), Ribbons, Belt Loops, Hook & Loop, Nylon Cords, Leather, Safety Belts, Rubber and Vinyl to name a few.

  • POWER SUPPLY – 110 volts.
  • FEEDING SPEED – adjustable up to 13 inches per sec.
  • CUTTING LENGTH – approx 400 ft.
  • CUTTING WIDTH – 4 inches.
  • TOLERANCE – .05% of total cut.
  • QUANTITY – up to 99,999 pieces.
  • COUNTER – pre set up to 99,999.
  • SAFETY – knife cover sensor – auto stop roll end sensor.
  • AUTO – feed/reverse.
  • The top and bottom rollers on our machines are gear driven. The rollers on other strip cutters stay in position with springs, because of this exclusive feature there is no slippage of material
  • The tolerance on the HC-530 is +/- .05% of total cut.
  • All Sheffield machines have adjustable speedand the machines measure in inches and MM.
  • AUTO SHUT OFF: If the operator does not use the machine within a preset time the machine will automatically shut OFF the power to the heating elements.


Auto Lifting Cassette Holder:

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