Cutting Hardened, Ground Steel Plate (FH3963-100H)


Associated Pacific Machine Corp. is introducing a new cutting system for profiled scouring pads, the FH3963-100H Automated Incremental Slide Table. This provides fully automatic operation from sheet material auto feeding, guiding before cutting to ensure the material is the correct position, and then a conveyor belt to output the sheet. This is a complete system with specialized tooling able to accurately cut between grooves on a pre-profiled foam/abrasive sheet to produce profiles ‘grip’ pads with good symmetry. It was developed by our supplier and their UK agent. The system saves labor and is faster than the conventional method of band knifing material plus manual placing onto a manual sliding table press

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This Full Head Press Cutting System features 100 tons of available tonnage and a 39″ x 63″ bed size.

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