Credit And Plastic Card Semi-Automatic Laminator (HCP-E100)


Suitable for lamination of contact and contactless plastic cards

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The HCP-E100 is designed for safe and efficient automatic lamination of a variety of plastic materials. This machine combines many exceptional features to ensure perfect lamination results for contact or contactless materials. The high rigidity of the machine frame, flawless parallelism of the platens, precise temperature control, as well as as the programmable hydraulic pressure setting, each contribute significantly to the perfection of the finished product.

  • Heating and cooling presses are independent and operated by seperate hydraulic systems. A low pressure pump is used to lift the platens at a quick speed, while a high pressure pump is used to keep the heating and cooling presses at a high pressure.
  • Heating and cooling presses are built from two solid welded frames, with all platens securely guided, allowing for a tremendously high rigidity of construction and thus, excellent parallelism of the platens. This eliminates the undesirable effects of heat expansion.
  • The pressure settings at the different stages of heating and cooling are programmable.
  • High precision temperature control (+/- 1.5°C)is achieved through excellent circulation and monitoring of thermal heating oil.
  • The heating temperature is evenly and accurately distributed across the total hot platen area.
  • One set push bar device to push 3 cassettes from stand-by stand to heating press manually and from heating press to cooling press after heating. It can allow for uniform cooling of the material over the complete surface area.
  • Comprehensive PC monitoring and control, allowing for many working programs and ease of operation.
  • The touch screen fault-finding diagnostics makes it easy to do maintenance and trouble-shooting.
  • Production capacity is up to 5,400 cards per hour based on cycle time of 18 minutes.
Range of Applications
  • Suitable for lamination of contact and contactless plastic cards


Machine Options
  • Optional weight compensation devices to reduce the total weight applied to the material cassettes for contactless card production.


Cooling Pressure: 100tons
Heating Pressure: 60tons
Laminate Area: 21.3"-25.2" (540 - 640 mm)
Gross Weight: 22,000 Lbs (10,000kg)
Number Of Opening: Up to 5
Number Of Sheets Per Opening: 10-15
Open Daylight Per Opening: 3.9" (100mm)
Press Surface: 23.6"-29.5" (600 - 750 mm)
Series: HCP-E100