Automatic Sheet Edge Trimming and Sheet Splitting Machine (GC-700BSA)


Designed specifically to cut and trim the two edges of a single sheet and split in halves.

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The GC-700BSA is designed specifically to cut and trim the two edges of a single or double sheet. It can also split the double sheet into two single sheets. The driving devices use high-precision sensors to detect the printed registration marks to an accuracy of 0.1mm.

  • Cross alignment sensors for both sheet axes ensure perferct trimming and splitting.
  • Multiple simultaneous operation (feeding, first edge trimming, second edge trimming) improves throughput.
  • Multiple program options allow any comibination of single or dual edge trimming and sheet splitting.
  • Touch screen controlled for easy program recall, changes and troubleshooting.
  • 1,000 sheet capacity auto-loader that is hand-trolley accessible.


Machine Options
  • Clean Roller between the sheet feeder and the first edge guillotine device
  • Touch Screen Operator Interface – The user friendly touch screen makes machine operation easy for any operator with the ability to store programs, recall programs, and change material specifications and feed distances all with the touch of a finger.
  • Material Loading – An individual sheet is picked up from the stack by vacuum suction pads and can be fed onto the inboard table for registration.


Protection Degree: '+/- 0.1 mm
Sheet Length: 23.6” L (600mm)
Sheet Width: 27.6” W (700mm)
Speed: 600 Sheets per hour
Series: GC-700BSA
Beam Width: