UNICO TT for the Foam and Packaging Industry


With its robust set of tools available, the UNICO TT can handle a very wide range of foam and packaging applications: Foam cutting and milling from low to high density, 3D milling, precise circular cuts, cutting and creasing for cardboard, milling and straight/angled cuts on honeycomb, and many more!

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The standard UNICO TT is equipped with two knife tool slots and a 50,000 RPM Electro-spindle (others available depending on the application) with a  6, 9 or 12 position automatic tool changer (depending on the machine width and the customer’s request). The availability of multiple tools along with fast changing and automatic die height makes even the hardest machining easy.  The ability to combine routing with multiple cutting tools systems makes the UNICO TT one of the most versatile machines on the market.  The included CAD/CAM software with numerous built in material formulas makes the UNICO TT easy to use.
  • The CAD / CAM system has a simple and intuitive graphical interface of the SW, making the machine very simple to use. A standard workflow would include importing 2D drawings in various formats (DXF, DWG, EPS) and having the software decide the most suitable tools based on the user selected material/processes.  The recommended tool set can still be adjusted by the operator if needed.  
  • ELECTRO SPINDLE – 3.6 kW high frequency SPINDLE – 50,000 rpm, liquid cooled. Tool holding system is ISO 30.
  • CONTROL CONSOLE – Mobile control console mounted on wheels complete with interface and PC Mitsubishi CNC. All electronics are installed inside the electrical panel located inside the chassis of the machine
  • PRESETTING – Tool length measurement and breaking control carried out by Protek technology
  • LOCKING SYSTEM – Locking system for sheets and fabrics with vacuum technology (pumps)
  • LUBRICATION – Minimal external lubrication system of the tool
  • SWARF EXTRACTION UNIT – Aspiration system specifically designed
  • TOOL CHANGER – Automatic planar tool changer at 6, 9 or 12 positions on the back of the machine
  • The sealing system consists of three blowers 4 kW each for a powerful hold on small pieces
  • The CNC parameters are processed directly by the drivers and guarantee higher speed and quality of cutting


Partial Lis of Machine Options
  • Visiotek unit – Vision system Protek VISIOTEK
  • Flatness probing system – For high precision routing on inconsistent materials. 
  • Lubrication/colling system for routing
  • Knife cutting tool lubrication system
  • Extraction system for dust and shavings
  • Additional vacuum pumps
  • Ultrasonic cutter
  • Electric cutting tool
  • Pneumatic cutting tool
  • Fixed/angled/V-cut knives
  • Kiss cutting knife
  • Pen tool
  • Creasing tools
  • Various sheet holders


Electrospindle (Power): 4,5 KW (S6)
Electrospindle (Rpm): 24.000
Electrospindle (cone type): ISO 30
Rotating tool changer positions: 6-9-12
Pick up tool changing time: 5 sec
Time between tool changing: 12 sec
Vacuum pump power: 4 kW (each pump)
Swarf extraction unit power: 3 kW
Rapid speed axes X-Y: 60.000 mm/min
Rapid speed axis Z: 30.000 mm/min
Max working speed 2D: 60.000 mm/min
Max working speed 3D: 30.000 mm/min
Max workable height: 50 mm
Max clearance below gantry: 140 mm
X axis stroke: 1650 +/- 10, 2050 +/- 10
Y axis stroke: 2050 +/- 10, 6150 +/- 10
Z axis stroke: 200 mm
Working top height from ground: 900 mm
Machine precision: (room temp. 20°C)
Setting per mt: ≤ 0,060 mm
Setting repeatability per mt: +/- 0,040 mm
Resolution: 0,001 mm
Circular interpolation: ≤ 0,050 mm Ø 60 F 3000
Ø max tool shank diameter: 20 mm
Ø max tool diameter: 40 mm
Max tool height: 120 mm
CNC: Mitsubishi
Type: Digital
Interpolation: 3D
Vacuum Areas 2016 (1 pump): 2
Vacuum Areas 3020 (2 pumps): 3
Vacuum Areas 4020 (2 pumps): 4
Vacuum Areas 6020 (3 pumps): 6

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