Automatic Collating Machine (GCM-1S)


For collating one or two overlay foils with one, two, or three cores

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The fully automatic plastic card gathering and collating system, GCM, has been developed in response to the demand for high speed automatic collation of two overlay foils in web and one core sheet to prepare “card sheet sets” for the card lamination process. The GCM combines two layers of overlay material fed from rolls with a pre-printed core sheet to form three layer card sheet sets.


  • High Speed: 1,200 sheets per hour.
  • Touch screen controlled for easy program recalls, changes, and troubleshooting.
  • 1,000 sheet capacity auto-loader that is hand-trolley accessible.
  • Optional user supplied anti-static sheet and overlay cleaners.
  • Optical sensor controlled overlay accuracy. Additional sensors for magnetic tape overlay.
  • Eight point ultra-sonic spot welding. Ultra-sonic welding allows material of varying thickness to be welded without additional mechanical adjustments.
Range of Applications
  • For collating one or two overlay foils with a single core material.
  • We also provide split core GCM-2S and 3 core GCM-3S collation machine with both one or two overlay foils.
  • Overlay foil can vary between 40 to 400 µm thick, with or without magnetic tape. Core material can be PVC or PET, or any material suitable for plastic card production process up to 750mm x 750mm.


Machine Options
  • Automatic Core Sheet Feeder – The core sheets are laid on the stacking trolley. The feeder will lift the load up into the working position. An individual core sheet is picked up from the stack by vacuum suction pads, then fed though the optional cleaning roller onto the conveyor belt.
  • Conveyor Belt Feeding System –The core sheet is fed onto the conveyor belt feeding system and is aligned by the side guides in the correct position.
  • Auto Line Tracking System with Optical Sensors- The 2 sets of auto line tracking systems with optical sensors are driven by a servo motor and ball screw for tracking the overlay edge and magnetic tape stripes in order to automatically position the core sheets.
  • Optional Cleaning Rollers – Cleaning Rollers are provided by the customer
  • Second Pneumatic Pinch Roller – The 2nd pneumatic pinch roller clamps and feeds the package with 8 spot welds to the cutting station. At the same time, the next core sheet is clamped and fed forward by the first pneumatic pinch roller.


Compressed Air: 6.5 bar, 200 NL/min
Overlay Thickness: 40-200 µm
Sheet Length: 22.75” (577.85mm)
Sheet Thickness: 250~600 µm
Sheet Width: 22.75” (577.85mm)
Speed: 1200 sheets/hour
Series: GCM-1S