Lamination Machine – Mod. K1 LG


The Imesa K1 Series is a versatile machine platform designed for any combination of Lamination / Slitting / Sheeting / Rewinding for both sheets and rolls. The Kl LG adds sheeting / cross-cutting to the K1 GLP.

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Materials include rubber, leathers, fabrics, felt, foam, polyester, insulation material, adhesive tapes, foam tapes, plastic films, cloth, non-wovens, paper, fiber reinforced tapes, graphite, fiberglass, roofing materials, and more.

  • Adjustable speed from 0 up to 20 M/Min max
  • Entry table with guides
  • Adjustable distance between rollers
  • Roll holder for film transfer with electro-magnetic brakes
  • Winder with electronic clutch, fast disconnection supports 075mm air-expanding shaft
  • Roll holder for adhesive firm with 075mm air-expanding shaft and fast disconnection supports with electro-magnetic brake



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