Electronic Shearing – Mod. 593


The Model 593 is a sheet cutting machine designed for fully programmable, electronically controlled combination X/Y cutting.

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Model 593 is robust and structured specifically for heavy duty applications. The industrial design allows material widths of 1850mm and thickness up to 20mm, for lengthwise and/or transversal cutting. Moreover, thanks to its flexibility, the Model 593 can be used efficiently in roll-to-sheet, roll-to-roll and sheet-to-sheet application for materials including rubber, foam, and many more.

  • Adjustable speed ranging from 0-20 M/min max.
  • Pneumatically controlled conveyor rolls (raise/lower)
  • Roll holder arms , with steel tube and 2 flanges.
  • Encoder for feeding length control
  • Mechanical brake to adjust the tension of the material.
  • Shear cutting system
  • Longitudinal cutting system using circular blades, manual positioning
  • Control system with auto diagnosis of machine’s main functions
  • Lower counter roller device
  • Polycarbonate safety protection guards for safe, minimal contact
  • Blade shaft lifting gear device
  • Adjustable material guides
  • Emergency stop push button.
  • Conveyor and operations controlled by stepper motors.
  • Inclined plane for easier scrap pickup


Auto Lifting Cassette Holder:

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