Die Less Cutter (CZ/L)


With a working width of 79″, continuous conveyor, and tilted cutting table, the CZ/L offers efficient cutting of all but the largest leather hides.

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  • Modular Cutting Head – Includes an electric cutting head, punch tool, and pen marking tool. Designed in a modular way for easy maintenance.
  • Punching – Punching unit with 5 tool slots. Tool size ranges from 0 (pin or prick tool) to 5 mm. The punch rotates as it penetrates the material for clean cuts.
  • Pen Marking – For marking stitching lines, part sizes, part numbers, etc.
  • Cutting Knives – Five pieces of standard 2 mm tip specially processed steel cutting blades are included with the machine.
  • Vacuum Under Cutting Surface – The vacuum holds the material down as it is cut. There are many vacuum sectors, automatically controlled by the machine, in order to focus vacuum strength where it is needed. The vacuum system includes a muffler and vertical exhaust tube.
  • Laser Projection – The laser projection system projects a sharp green laser light onto the cutting surface and is visible in bright and low light conditions across almost all materials. Laser projection is used for cut part placement during manual nesting.
  • Easy to use – The machine was designed to be operated by the same people that operate a swing arm clicking machine.
  • CAD Conversion – Convert your current CAD drawings from .DXF to a cutting file for the machine. No need to invest in new CAD software. Full design software is also available.
  • Dual cutting heads – For production speed cutting. The CZ series of machines are not designed for simply prototyping.
  • Continuous Conveyor – With automatic nesting, you can set the machine to cut your entire roll.
  • Material yield – You will see material savings over traditional die cutting for both natural materials and synthetic sheets/rolls.
  • Cut part accuracy – Dies tend to change their shape over time, causing problems in other parts of production. You are guaranteed accurate cut parts every time. The reciprocating knife is able to make very tight cuts that are either expensive or impossible to do with dies.


Machine Options
  • Roll unwinding device – Automatic feeder for certain roll materials. Roll specifications must be confirmed.
  • Forward Cutting Area Photocells – Photocells stop the cutting heads from moving when the operator needs to reach into the cutting area. Photocells are set at a height that allows material to feed but detect any “reach in” movements.
  • Rear Cutting Area Guarding – Rear guarding ensures the operator responsible for cut parts collection cannot access the cutting area or the cutting head mounting bars.
  • Inclined Continuous Cutting Surface Conveyor – The cutting conveyor transports material from the nesting area to the cutting area and to the collection area. The conveyor is separated into two layers. A consumable soft upper belt is mounted on top of a harder lower belt.
  • Light Roll Material Feeding Cradle – The roll material cradle is located in the front of the machine below the nesting area. Once the material is placed on the conveyor belt, the CM-44CN’s vacuum system will feed the material across the cutting area and through to the collection area.


Cutting Area: 2000x850
Cutting Speed: 50m/min.
Power Consumption: 8/15 KW
Power Supply: 400 V-50 Hz
Punching Frequency: 300/min.
Resolution: 0.025 MM

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